A Message from Dr. Knehr

A Message from Dr. KnehrDr. Knehr’s goal as a veterinarian is to provide compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary care for pet family members and for the community. As a believer in communicating with pet owners about issues relevant to them and their pets, Dr. Knehr wanted to raise awareness about a few issues.

“First off I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that has been with us at Sun City over the years,” Dr. Knehr said. “Your support has allowed us to grow and to fulfill our passion for healing animals, and I want to express our gratitude for that.”

One of the main topics Dr. Knehr wanted to share with pet owners is proper nutrition. Many people overlook their pet’s diet and nutrition, which can lead to health problems later in life.

“Nutrition is one of the most important topics for a pet owner to consider. There are a lot of choices out there so the best thing to do is consult with us about what’s right for your pet’s specific needs. We have three nutritionally certified veterinary technicians on staff and we are happy to talk to you about your pet’s nutrition.”

If you’d like more information about your pet’s diet and nutrition, please call us today at (702) 228-4411 or email us at info@suncityvet.com.

Another issue Dr. Knehr wanted to raise awareness about is the Las Vegas heat and how it affects our pets.

“Living in Las Vegas poses unique risks to our pets, one of them being the intense heat. Dogs and cats can’t regulate their temperature as easily as we can, so it’s important to replenish their water supply often and always provide a cool area for them to rest.”

Dr. Knehr also wanted to emphasize the importance of dental care in the overall health of your pet.

“A lot of people don’t know that a pet’s dental health can affect other parts of their body. Poor dental and gum care can lead to infections in the heart, liver, and kidneys. It’s important to inspect your pet’s teeth and get regular cleanings to ensure that a little bad breath doesn’t become something more.”

Working with animals requires patience, understanding, and above all compassion; both for the animal and for their owners. For this reason all the staff at Sun City Animal Hospital have a common bond: a daily goal to give our clients and their pets the most up-to-date and best possible medical care. Each one of our staff is committed to this goal, making Sun City Animal Hospital a wonderful environment to work in. We hope you will feel this commitment from us when you visit, and come to trust us with all of your pet care needs.

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