Michael Knehr, DVM

Our Team

Dr. Knehr graduated from Purdue University Veterinary School in 1993. His areas of interest in the veterinary field include orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, diagnostic ultrasound, pain management, and senior pet care.

Dr. Knehr loves to go fly fishing and going hiking and swimming with his boys. He also enjoys watching New York Yankee baseball as often as possible. He has two beautiful cats; A-Rod (yes, he is a really big Yankee fan) and Gronk (his wife is a big Patriots fan); and one feathered family member named Kiwi, an eclectus parrot.

Dr. Knehr’s goal as a veterinarian is to provide compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary care for pet family members and for the community. He invites you to visit the hospital and make Sun City part of your pet’s health care team.


Melissa Sigal, DVM

Our Team

Dr. Sigal graduated from veterinary school at Louisiana State University in 2006. She has a Labrador mix named Wonka, and a cat named Voodoo. Her primary focus within the hospital is dentistry. Dr. Sigal adopted Voodoo as a kitten who needed full mouth extractions due to severe juvenile gingivitis. During her free time she likes spending as much time as she can with her family especially her son Sawyer.


Sureet Ghuman, DVM

Dr. Ghuman graduated from veterinary school at Iowa State University. She was raised in Las Vegas and could not wait to move back home to care for the animals in her community (and to escape the harsh Midwest winter!). She’s felt an immense connection to animals since her childhood and has a passion for their welfare. Dr. Ghuman enjoys the variety and excitement of general practice, but especially appreciates having the ability to develop strong relationships with her clients and patients. Her particular interests include dermatology, cardiology, and senior pet wellness.

She has a papillon named Scooby who has been with her for more than half her life! Together, they have traveled the country in pursuit of higher education, but both are happy to finally be home! In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and the occasional Netflix binge watching!


Fredrick Adams, DVM

Dr. Adams graduated from veterinary school at St. George’s University. He was born and raised in Millville, NJ and moved to Las Vegas after completion of his degree. Dr. Adams’ veterinary interests include internal medicine, spay and neuter, community outreach and developing a strong bond with clients and their pets.

Dr. Adams has a Turkish angora name Zeus back in New Jersey. In his spare time, he loves exploring new places, hiking, performing martial arts, yoga and writing.